About Us


TAG by Jaer Cabán is a stylish women’s clothing line, completely made in Puerto Rico and designed with a global market appeal in mind, showcasing a subtle feel of life in the tropics and its various alluring qualities, like easy access to utopian beaches, exotic flora, unmatched year round pleasant weather, and, of course, the diversity of its people. The range of the designs cater for the needs of real women, who have little time to go shopping and yet love to wear fine designer clothes.

TAG by Jaer Cabán is for the active woman; working professional, retiree, or otherwise. A woman who is always on-the-go and wants to feel her best while looking fashionable. It is for women with all types of body shapes, who love to take on a style and make it their own, who want to feel confident, comfortable and beautiful in what they choose to wear.

TAG by Jaer Cabán was developed by fashion designer Jaer Cabán, who favored the use of different textiles in his innovative designs, like crepe, mesh and various cotton fabrics, along the lines of “eyelet” and Indian gauze.


Eclectic: Blouses and dresses with assorted styles: modern, classic and bohemian; airy apparels, semi-fitted, ideal for casual elegant socials or to enjoy a nice brunch with friends.

Conversation Piece: Unique designs with sophisticated details and unconventional patterns, perfect to become the center of attention during an elegant cocktail soiree or while attending an upscale dinner event.

Breezy: Vaporous looks with roomy tailoring, comprised of blouses, tunics and comfortable, relax fitting, flowy dresses, a great choice for every outdoor activity.

Essentials: Basic selections but with a chic flair, best for a more day-to-day look or as a harmonizing complement to any other TAG by Jaer Cabán outfit.